Privacy Policy

At, we take the safety and privacy of our visitors extremely seriously. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us any time of the day. The primary reason for this privacy policy is to give more information we collect, how we manage and use it. However, we can assure our visitors that any information collected is treated with high confidentiality. Therefore, when logging into our website, you can be sure about your data safety.

What information do we collect?

Usually, we collect some of the data when the user visits our website. This information is normally useful in ensuring we better our services.

Log files

When you log into our website, just like other sites, there is the usage of log files. These files typically contain a variety of information that is not personally identifiable. Mostly, the logs contain IP address, internet service providers, browser type, operating system, and exit page, among others. Generally, these log files lads automatically to enable proper communication between machine and server.

Registration and subscription

When you subscribe to our site, we collect some information. The information we collect includes the email address, which is used to ensure our users get a timely notification on our new publications. However, the collected data is kept in a confidential form and isn’t accessible to third parties.

Cookies and Web beacons

This website uses cookies to store our visitor’s information. The cookies are essential in ensuring we understand what our users love and trend in pages. The cookies are small files that a browser saves on your computer automatically. They are used in remembering some of the information hence better machine communication. Apart from cookies from our website, clicking into third part links allows them to collect your information. However, we have no control over these links; hence the user can restrict them via browser settings. Mostly, Amazon and Google links will redirect you to a different platform; thus, they can save cookies into your computers. Third-party servers usually use cookies for advertising. Therefore, they utilize these files to measure and gauge the effectiveness of their advertisement programs. However, we don’t have control over these third party cookies. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the respective privacy policies of these vendors or utilize the browsers settings to restrict their access to your computer.

How is the collected information managed?

The collected information is used to improve the user experience. Most of the data collected is in an unreadable form. Despite this, we don’t share any information with the third party. Therefore any information collected is treated with all care and sensitivity. In case of questions regarding our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.