Top 5 Best Beach Chair Covers of 2024

Beach chairs are designed to remains outdoors throughout. They are designed with the ability to resist weather elements. However, it is still important to care for your chairs using covers. They are available with different functions. Some are for keeping the chairs safe, while others are good for increasing the comfort of users. Some covers are designed like towels, which allow users to enjoy the great feeling when relaxing.

Depending on your beach chairs, they are designed with different styles. Therefore, when choosing the right cover, it should offer a perfect covering. The ability to fit these covers should be easy to fit in your chairs. Some have a flexible design that allows for easy installation. The additional features like pockets allow for secure storage of your items. Sleek and comfortable relaxation requires the best beach chair covers.

List of Best Beach Chair Covers

5. Hersent 83” Long Lounge Chair Cover

Hersent 83” Long Lounge Chair Cover

For the best beach party and relaxation, you have to invest in lounge chair cover. This Hersent 83” long beach chair cover will help you have memorable beach moments. It is made of 100 percent cotton which ensures great breathability, ease of washing, warmth retention and more benefits. It is equipped with chair ties that allow efficient securing of the lounge chair. Thus, it stays fit on the chair even when the weather is windy. It also features pockets on the sides which enhance the functionality.


We recommend this to anyone who wants to have superb beach relaxation. It offers ultimate comfort and is portable.

  • Premium cotton
  • Easy care
  • Soft and retains warmth
  • Resists fade
  • Quite thin

4. Homeself Beach Chair Cover

Homeself Beach Chair Cover

Lying on a bare beach lounge can bring a boring feeling. Here is Homeself beach chair cover to bring more comfort and make your beach relaxation a unique experience. The material entails cotton terry and a soft highly absorbent polyester that feels soft through not flexible. Besides, its innovative design makes it compatible with a patio chair, desk, recliner and other types of outdoor chairs. Equipped with side pockets, you will have an easy time in the storage of your sunglasses, water bottle, phone, and other essentials. Moreover, the base features unique ties that keep the cover in the right position regardless of how windy it becomes.


This product is a great deal for anyone looking for an easy to carry and super cozy beach chair blanket. It is also easy to care for.

  • Folds easily
  • Functional pockets
  • Strong tie straps
  • Super comfortable
  • Fades

3. VOCOOL Chaise Lounge Chair Towel Cover

VOCOOL Chaise Lounge Chair Towel Cover

Featuring a super-thin fiber velvet material, this lounge chair cover offers ultimate comfort. It is specially designed to make your beach camp experience one of a kind. Well, this cover lacks flexibility though it fits snugly. It is versatile as you can use it as a liner for patio, deck, recliner and more. The microfiber material is super absorbent to keep your skin dry and comfortable. Besides, the nylon aspect of this beach covers allows it to dry quickly.


This is the product for you if you’re looking for a simple solution to spreading over the beach recliners for superb comfort. Its large size and thoughtful design make it worth it.

  • Great size
  • Functional pockets
  • Folds easily
  • Cozy material
  • Tends to fade slightly after a long time use

2. ALLOMN Lounge Chair Towel Beach Towel

ALLOMN Lounge Chair Towel Beach Towel

This beach chair towel is highly rated due to the high-quality fabric. It is made of unique microfiber material that is soft, breathable and possesses moisture-wicking ability. It dries quite fast to cater to your needs. It also features multiple pockets on both sides for hassle-free storage of your essentials. The design of this cover entails some slits on top and bottom which help in keeping the cover in place without sliding.


The lightweight and super cozy fabric make this beach cover perfect for summer. It dries quickly and this makes it great for pool activities.

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Soft material
  • Non-sliding design
  • Dries quickly
  • Fabric is not very durable

1. Dual Dry Beach Sand Chair Cover

Dual Dry Beach Sand Chair Cover

This is the product to go for if you’re looking for a beach chair cover that dries quickly. It is made of a material that helps in repelling dust and sand. It is machine washable and hence easy to care. Moreover, it is resistant to fading and staining. So, it is ideal for all beach abuse. It has long and strong tie straps to help you secure it on all types of chairs. Well, this cover is ideal for the beach and around the pool occasions.


This product is nice for small and medium-sized chairs. The material quality is fantastic and allows unmatched comfort.

  • Great price
  • Super quick-drying
  • Nice size
  • Perfect tie straps
  • Not ideal for larger sized chairs