Top 10 Best Wireless Car Charger Mounts of 2024

The era of wired charging is slowly getting phased out. With the introduction of wireless charged phones and other devices, everything is becoming neat and free from wires. However, just like while charging your phone at home, or in the vehicle, there are available wireless chargers. Adding a wireless car charger mount is one step toward enjoying wire-free charging. As a result, there is no worry when you don’t have a USB charging cable in your car.

Installing the charger mount is essential and should take into consideration a variety of aspects. It should be able to support fast charging without causing problems with your device. Additionally, the durable construction is vital to hold phones safely without breaking and wobbling. Adjustable arms are essential since they allow fitting different sized phones securely. The following list brings you best wireless car charger mounts for every vehicle in 2020.

List of Best Wireless Car Charger Mounts

10. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

Here is a wireless car charger worth your dollars. It features a unique clamping mechanism and allows automatic opening and closing. Also, this charger turns off automatically when the phone is fully charged. Well, the thoughtful design combines a car mount and a wireless charger system hence serving two functions on a single platform. The rugged construction ensures durability and comfortable handling.


For superb smartphone charging and use in your car, this is the device to go for. It is robust and incredibly durable. It is maneuverable to let you use your phone stylishly.

  • Fast charging
  • Great case compatibility
  • Easy view adjustment
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Pricey

9. DYK Wireless Car Charging Mount

DYK Wireless Car Charging Mount

Here is another car mount wireless charger which you’ll find very functional. It is a multipurpose wireless charger that is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. Also, it delivers fast charging and doesn’t harm your phone battery as it features automatic off function. It is case compatible and there is no need to remove the case while charging.

Besides, the clamp system is versatile as it can accommodate phones with thickness ranging from 2.36 to 3.15 inches. Moreover, it comes as a premium pack comprising of holder and vent clip. So, you can install this wireless charger on the windshield, air vent diffuser or the dashboard.


The versatile mounting options make this device worth your dollars. It is also a perfect idea if you would consider simplicity.

  • Case compatible
  • Versatile mounting options
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Durable construction
  • Arms are a bit flimsy

8. AstonX Wireless Car Charger Mount

AstonX Wireless Car Charger Mount

Anyone looking for a superb wireless phone charger and a car phone mount will love AstonX’s creativity. Well, this car mount wireless charger entails an automatic clamping mechanism that allows you to set the best viewing angle. So, you will enjoy a safer driving experience and an enjoyable experience with your phone. It works with all Qi-enabled phones. It is equipped with a USB port if you don’t want to use a wireless charging function. Besides, it comes with USB type C cable.


We recommend this product to anyone who values multi-functionality. It also delivers versatile charging options which makes it great.

  • Easy setup
  • Versatile installation
  • Broad case compatibility
  • Automatic clamping
  • Lacks a dashboard mount

7. MANKIW 10W Wireless Car Charger Automatic Clamping 

MANKIW 10W Wireless Car Charger Automatic Clamping 

This wireless car charger boasts a smart automatic clamping system. It also features a built-in advanced sensor that allows automatic off function when the phone is fully charged. The sides of his gadget feature quick-release buttons which make the phone mounting extremely easy. It also allows 360-degree rotation so that you can potion your phone in the best viewing angle while driving. Hence, you can make video calls or record without any safety risks or inconveniences. It is compatible with both thin and thick cases.


We recommend his product to anyone who wants to experience maneuverability and a stylish view of their smartphones. Thanks to the adjustable angle and automatic sensing.

  • Stable sucker
  • Precise auto-sensing
  • Awesome compatibility
  • Adjustable view
  • Suction doesn’t work on all surfaces

6. Topwan Wireless Charger Car

Topwan Wireless Charger Car

Being able to charge your smartphone right from the comfort of your cabin brings real enjoyment. There is no doubt why this Topwan wireless car charger is one incredible innovation. Well, it adopts a gravity sensor technology that allows intelligent charging. Besides, you only need to touch the sensor area and the clamps will open or close automatically. It also possesses 360-degree rotation which lets you set the display in the most convenient angle for easy viewing.


For superb intelligent charging, you need this wireless car charger. It is easy to set up and can anchor to different surfaces in your car.

  • Case friendly
  • Stable arms
  • Automatic operation
  • Elegant outlook
  • Sensitive surface finish

5. Andobil Auto Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

Andobil Auto Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

This car mount charger features an upgraded design that entails super strong copper coils. Well, this is 50 percent faster than the ordinary car chargers. Well, this device works like a smart robot whereby the arms open and close automatically.

It offers unlimited mounting options and unmatched stability. You can mount it on the dashboard, air vents, windshield or another component you feel most convenient. The air vent clip is adjustable while the base features a 360-degree ball swivel joint. Thus, you can choose the most convenient angle of viewing.


Despite it being pricey, this car charger mount is durable and offers versatile mounting options. It is functional, durable and stylish.

  • Intelligent protection feature
  • Unlimited mounting options
  • High charging speed
  • Does not overheat
  • Pricey

4. Squish 2-in-1 Universal Car Charger

Squish 2-in-1 Universal Car Charger

This car mount charge is uniquely designed to give you a versatile charging experience. Well, it features an adjustable gooseneck cup holder which allows you to choose the best viewing angle. This holder also boasts extended arms which offers a wider and longer reach for your convenience.

It also offers 10 watts for fast charging for your power-hungry devices. For maximum maneuverability, it features a curved arm design and dual holding feet which enhance stability. It is a charger mount which ensures maximum safety of your device. Quite interesting, this device combines with a cup holder to ensure you enjoy the utmost luxury.


For the fast charging of your smartphone, we choose this product for you. However, you need to ensure it is case-friendly.

  • Great portability
  • Additional luxury features
  • Incredibly fast charging
  • Super sturdy frame
  • Some issues with case compatibility

3. HyperGear Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Phone Mount Kit

HyperGear Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Phone Mount Kit

If you’ve been searching for the best car mount charger all in vain, the HyperGear car mount kit is here to give you some peace. It features two in one design combining a charger and a phone mount system. Now, this is thoughtfully designed to be compatible with all Qi devices.

You can install it on a dashboard, windscreen, vent or any other point you find convenient. With an automatic grip design, you will enjoy hands-free navigation, charging, video calling and more. Featuring a pivot head technology, it is incredibly flexible and is easy to install and remove.


You need to choose this product if you’re to enjoy maximum flexibility when charging and using your device in the car. With automatic opening and closing together with a smart swivel mechanism, it offers incredible flexibility.

  • Easy installation
  • Fast charging
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • All-surface mounting options
  • Pricey

2. Acumen Wireless Charger Mount for Cars

Acumen Wireless Charger Mount for Cars

This is an amazing product for anyone looking for a wireless car mount charger that offers great compatibility. The extendable bottom bracket allows you to enjoy different device positions. Also, it boasts versatile power options as you can charge via micro USB cable or USB type C cable.

Featuring 7 watts charging capability, this charge is compatible with almost all popular smartphones. Well, this charge is equipped with an infrared sensor that automatically opens the clamp to hold your device firmly and allows hassle-free release. Besides, it is equipped with a beautiful under glow lighting under the mount which lets you see whether the device is charging.


We recommend this product to anyone who values beauty yet wants maximum functionality. This device is built to allow easy and enjoyable charging and use of your phone.

  • Premium rubber pads
  • Fast charging
  • Pleasant status light
  • Dual charging options
  • A bit pricey but the premium quality justifies it

1. LINGLONGAN Car Phone Mounts Wireless Charger

LINGLONGAN Car Phone Mounts Wireless Charger

Do you want to enhance more safety while on the road and get to enjoy using your smartphone while on a trip? Here is LINGLONGAN Car Phone Mounts Wireless Charger which is a superb product for you to invest your dollars.

It is a unique device that allows handsfree GPS navigation and calling to help you keep both hands on the steering. Well, this is a wireless charging pad which is roughly 1.4 times faster than the standard chargers. By adopting durable materials, this car charger mount ensures you enjoy prolonged and hassle-free service.


We recommend this product to anyone who wants to enjoy the ride while using the smartphone. It is sturdy and flexible to meet its purpose.

  • 360-degree rotation offers excellent maneuverability
  • Endurable materials
  • Broad smartphone compatibility
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Arms are a bit short