Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases of 2024

Keeping your device fully covered brings more protection and reliability. But, achieving this is through adding a protective case. The cases are simple but have excellent protection than leaving your device without any protection. In fact, the cases are not only great for scratch protection but ideal for impact absorption. They have reinforced edges that ensure there are high reliability and efficiency. The absorbing materials are classic in providing proper shock dissipation. As a result, when a phone drops, there is protection against the shattered screen and dented body.

The cases are created from different materials, which raises differences in protection levels. In fact, some are made from flexible materials, which creates excellent absorption when it comes to absorption of impact. Moreover, some have raised lips that keep the screen away from scratches. Precise cutouts are also superb for the ultimate access to ports and cameras. For an unsurpassed phone treat, here are reviews for best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases.

List of Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

10. Miracase Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 plus Case

Miracase Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 plus Case

With the best phone case, you can rest assured that your device will remain safe all the time. Here is a splendid choice for you from Miracase. It is soft and ultra-thin so that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. It features precise cutouts and tactile buttons that make ports, speakers, and buttons more accessible. Also, it supports wireless charging so you won’t need to uncover your phone.

It boasts a multilayered design which makes it durable and offers maximum protection. It has a rugged look which also helps in the safe handling of your device. Furthermore, the addition of TPU bumpers offers 360-degree rugged protection against scrapes scratches and falls. It will also make your phone look more stylish. Thanks to marble dual-layer back with special finger-proof coating.


The rugged construction makes this case unbeatable. We recommend this product if you’re looking for extra durability and easy handling of your Smartphone.

  • Precisely engineered
  • Rugged look
  • Doesn’t affect wireless charging
  • Multi-layer design
  • Seems bulky

9. Matone for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Matone for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

You can now do more with your phone without any inconvenience. Here is Matone Samsung Galaxy S20 plus case. Anyone looking for the best protection of their Smartphone will adore the smart and creative design. One of its many benefits is that it supports wireless charging.

Well, it is a soft TPU case forged from premium TPU material. The design entails bumper corners to help in absorbing shock when your phone drops accidentally. The screen of your device will also be safe as the case features raised lip. This unique construction also ensures the camera stays safe all the time. Furthermore, it boasts precise cutouts which allow a snug fit and full access to buttons, speakers, ports, and camera.


We recommend this case if you don’t want your phone to lose shape it is thoughtfully crafted to allow you to enjoy your phone’s functionality in a better way. It is lightweight and guarantees rugged protection.

  • Special fingerprint-proof coating
  • Raised lip design
  • Plastic is clear
  • Very durable
  • A bit pricey

8. PLESON Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

PLESON Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

If you’re searching for a unique style for your Galaxy S20 Plus, here is one for you. The PLESON Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case has all the adorable aspects you can imagine. First, it boasts military-grade construction. Its corners are perfectly cushioned to protect your device from any harm in case it accidentally drops.

Also, the edges are a bit raised to ensure the camera and screen remain safe. This PLESON S20 Plus phone case features an adjustable kickstand. So, you can enjoy multiple landscapes and portrait viewing angles. It is precisely engineered with accurate cutouts. So it is easy to access ports, cameras, speakers and all external features. Furthermore, it is designed to optimize the wireless capability of your device.


We recommend this case if you’re a luxury lover. It keeps your device safe while offering great maneuverability in terms of viewing angles.

  • Perfect grip
  • Multi-layered design
  • Functional kickstand
  • Sturdy case
  • Hard to install for a first-time user

7. Schnail Titan for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Schnail Titan for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Are you looking for an affordable Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case? Here is your most probable option. It is carefully engineered and exceeds two times the military-grade drop standard MIL-STD-810G. Well, it brings this magic as it features multilayer design which offers full-body protection. Simply put, this case can offer drop protection up to 20 feet.

However, it is worth noting that this case doesn’t come along with a screen protector. Instead, it features a plastic front cover for maximum screen protection. Equally, it has raised lip and bumper corners to enhance 360-degree protection. With this amazing phone case, you can enjoy using your device in either landscape or portrait orientation. Thanks to the built-in kickstand function.


If you’re looking for true military-grade protection for your Smartphone, this is your product. It is strong and flexible to safeguard your device against potential risks. The outer surface offers a natural grip feel for comfortable handling.

  • Offers simple multi-angle view
  • Strong and maneuverable design
  • Looks great
  • Natural grip feel
  • Pricier than some competitive models

6. SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Are you looking forward to complementing the appearance and functionality of your smartphone? If you have Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Spidercase is for you. It boasts a professional and exclusive design offering an amazing fit. Well, it has precise cutouts that allow full access to speakers, buttons, and ports.

The two-layer construction and cushioned corners give this case a high impact resistance. Easy installation also makes this case one of a kind. It boasts easy seal front and rear covers that allow fast installation and removal. Besides, the back cover has a sweat-resistant coating offering smooth and safe handling of your device.


If you want a case that is quite easy to use and with a slim profile, we recommend this product. It is lightweight, slim and extremely flexible.

  • Very accurate cutouts
  • Raised edges
  • Looks simple
  • Special features for easy installation
  • Too simple to use

5. EnCASEs 2 in 1 Cell Phone Case

EnCASEs 2 in 1 Cell Phone Case

If you want to add a spark of elegance to your Samsung Galaxy S20 PLUS, Look no further. With dual-layer and TPU material, this phone case ensures your phone remains rigid in all situations. Well, the dual-layer entails a hard plastic outer cover and soft TPU inner layer. The corners are rounded and cushioned to help in dispersing shocks and impacts.

With its precise fitting, it keeps dust and dirt away from your phone. The smooth and glossy finish makes this cover a real makeover for your device. Also, this unique coating allows for fingerprint-free performance. Moreover, this is a lightweight case that doesn’t add any bulk or degrade the usability of your phone.


This case looks simple and elegant. It is also easy to clean and hence we recommend it to you if you want to retain your phone’s original stunning look. It is professionally designed to improve the usability of your gadget.

  • Feels a bit tight on first-time use
  • Sweat and dirt-proof coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable

4. Poetic Guardian Series Case

Poetic Guardian Series Case

Here is a phone case that can guarantee super protection from scratches and drops. The Poetic Guardian Series Case is a bit thick but this offers a lot of benefits. It shields your phone from all potential damages. Its rugged design ensures your device is safe from all angles. However, this case won’t feature a built screen protector as a result of the new in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Despite the case’s thickness, it still doesn’t affect the wireless charging capability of your Smartphone. On the other hand, this case boasts a scratch-resistant coating that keeps the back panel stays clear and dirt free. So, this allows you to view your device in full clarity.


This is a product for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their phones while keeping them safe. It looks amazing yet it is resistant against scratches, bumps, and shocks.

  • True rugged construction
  • Unique corner shape
  • Perfect grip texture
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Not very elegant

3. DocKin Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

DocKin Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Keeping your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus in top condition doesn’t have to be so hard. With the help of the Dockin case, it is now easier than before. It features a dual-layered design that guarantees unmatched protection. The back cover is made of hard material while the inner layer is a soft and flexible material.

This classic construction ensures all shocks and impacts are neutralized. Moreover, it is slim and lightweight and hence won’t affect the comfort of using your gadget. With its precise cutouts, it is effortless to access the ports, speakers, and buttons. And, the slide action is not affected in any way. The raised edges keep the screen and camera safe in case of an accidental fall.


The true hybrid design makes this case worth your dollars. It doesn’t add unnecessary bulk but fulfills its function of keeping your device safe from shocks, bumps, dirt, and impacts. Its grip is also amazing.

  • Flexible corners
  • Perfect grip
  • Hybrid design
  • Easy to clean
  • Pricey

2. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen tough armor will help in shielding your device from all potential damages. It is specially designed for the Galaxy S20 Plus. Its rugged and thick design makes it super strong against impacts and shocks. The hybrid design entails TPU interior and hard polycarbonate outer part. So, this hybrid design keeps your Smartphone invincible.

It protects the device from bumps, drops, and scratches. Therefore, it allows your Samsung Galaxy S20 plus to stay in its pristine condition. The tough dual-layer design and addition of air cushion technology give it a military-grade in terms of drop protection. Besides, flexible corners allow easy installation and removal.


We recommend this item to those who want maximum protection for their smartphones. However, it looks a bit bulky due to the hybrid design. It is great in ensuring military-grade protection.

  • Military-grade certified
  • Lightweight
  • Flawless installation procedure
  • Accurate cutouts
  • Seems bulky

1. Redpepper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case, Matte Clear

Redpepper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case, Matte Clear

The Redpepper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case is a perfect way to protect your investment. It offers a simple way to prolong the life of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. It boasts top-notch features that allow it to supersede the others regarding style, protection, and durability. It has precise cutouts that allow comfortable access to speakers, buttons, mic, charging ports and more.

For rugged protection, it has two layers and includes air cushioning technology. The back shell features a rigid plastic construction while the inner features soft TPU material. But, the design is also smart to ensure the slim profile of your gadget is not affected.


This case is simple and accurately designed. It is a good product for anyone who doesn’t wish to lose the phone’s response, access to functions and original beauty.

  • Slim profile
  • Oil-proof finish
  • Easy installation
  • Unquestionable durability
  • A bit pricier than others