Top 10 Best Push Pin Pliers of 2024

When dealing with delicate plastic panels, there is a need for a careful approach. For repairing and other tasks on your vehicle, there is a need to have the right tools. Pushpin pliers are among the vital tools for vehicle owners and others. They are useful in enabling the user to have an easy lifting of pins without damaging them or anchor. Mostly the pins are found in the trunks and under hoods. This means you can easily enjoy removal without causing damage to either pushpins or anchoring points.

The use of the right pliers ensures there are great convenience and safety. That is why these push pin pliers are recommended for such tasks. They have sharp jaws and ling handle hence easy to reach challenging areas. Additionally, the insulation means a great grip when working. Unlike other tools involved in the push pins removals, pliers are easy to work with. The superb grip and reliable structure render them exceptional.

List of Best Push Pin Pliers

5. VIM Hand Tools V2300 Push Pin Removal Pliers

VIM Hand Tools V2300 Push Pin Removal Pliers

Pushpin pliers find much use, especially in vehicle upgrades and repair. One of the best in this category is VIM V2300. This product includes both the V2300-straight and V231-75 degree version. The former is ideal for removing plastic push pins on GM, Toyota, Honda, and other vehicle varieties. With special ground tips, the pliers remove the pins without any hassle and any damage. The V230 pliers are an excellent option for removing the U joint circle clips. The 75-degree version is ideal for removing the pins in tight places.

  • A superb combination
  • Great for all pin removal tasks
  • Nicely curved handles
  • Sturdy enough
  • Price is a bit overrated

4. GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. Body Clip Plier Set

GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. Body Clip Plier Set

If you’re looking for the best push pin removal pliers, here is a superb choice. GEARWRENCH body clip pliers boast innovative engineering to handle all tasks. The product comes as a three-piece set which includes 30-degree, 80 degree offset pin pliers and the panel clip pliers. All of these possess incredible capacities for all your push pin removal works. The panel clip pliers feature a unique V design which allows hassle-free removal of standard clips without center pins. Therefore, this set allows for easy removal of plastic anchors with center pins without damage.

  • Padded handles
  • Damage-free pin removal
  • Nice combination
  • Sturdy material and construction
  • The grasping edges could be sharper

3. Tiger Tool Push Pin Pliers

Tiger Tool Push Pin Pliers

Designed with a 75-degree head, this tool provides a better alternative to the 70300 snap ring pliers. Hence, the pliers allow hassle-free access to hidden areas. The pliers do a great job allowing safe removal of the highly corroded Hotchkiss snap rings. It can also remove plastic push pin retainers on almost all latest vehicle models including cars, ATVs, UTV, and tracks. These pliers possess thick padding to make the work easier without hurting your hands.

  • Exquisite quality
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great for U joints
  • Sturdy tool
  • A bit tricky for a beginner

2. ARES 71136 80 Degree PushPin Removal Pliers

ARES 71136 80 Degree PushPin Removal Pliers

Pushpin style fasteners can prove challenging to remove when you don’t have the right tool. But with ARES 71136 push pin pliers; this can be a cakewalk mission. The 80-degree push pin pliers can work in all tight areas making the process quite effortless. The handle features an ergonomic design and is cushioned to0 eliminating fatigue and pain. This item has found great use when working on anchors usually found in modern vehicles. The unique step angle design allows hassle-free access to fasteners in tight places.

  • Solid design
  • Contoured handle
  • Efficient application
  • Unique tip design
  • The tool isn’t very eye-catching

1. QWORK Angled Push Pin Pliers

QWORK Angled Push Pin Pliers

This pushpin plier is spring-loaded and possesses a unique tip. It gets the job done without hassles or hurting your fingers. The ergonomic spring-loaded plier design and thick cushioning on the handle provide sufficient leverage to remove stubborn push pins.

The robust metal jaws extend to 1.5 inches while the entire length of the tool is 7.5 inches. Hence, you can easily maneuver to get the job done in tight spaces. This pushpin plier also boasts universal compatibility as it is ideal for Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Chrysler models. This tool does a clean job by eliminating pins, trim, and anchors which is common when using the wrong tools.

  • Portable size
  • Contoured handle
  • Perfect grip
  • Wide compatibility
  • Looks thin