Top 10 Best PC Sticks of 2024

These days, you can enjoy using your monitor or TV as a computer. It is possible through plugging a PC stick. Although they look like thumb drives, these are standalone single-board computer. As a result, these devices run independently once connected to a computer or other medical output devices. Typically, these sticks are enhanced with HDMI ports that ensure they are compatible with different devices. Especially with the rise of smart TV, they are great to enable live streaming.

The sticks are constructed with processors as well as storage capabilities, which they are working independently. With different manufacturers on the market, there are computer sticks that offer varying performance and speed. The good thing about these computers is nowadays they are robust and easy to use. Also, with reduced size, they ensure everyone can use them everywhere. Powered by different operating systems, they are great compact computers with having. For easy choice, our list brings the best PC sticks in 2020.

List of Best PC Sticks