Top 5 Best Lacrosse Balls of 2024

Different people love varying sports. But, the Lacrosse game is one of the enjoyable sports. Like hockey, the game involves small balls that are sturdily made. The game includes different accessories that people must-have. It’s played by sporting clubs where players shoot the ball into a small net. By use of lacrosse stick, the players are capable of driving these rubber balls. The game is very active and demanding. Therefore, training is necessary to ensure there is an excellent performance.

Having high-quality balls ensure players can play without inconveniences. It is this reason that buyers need to invest in superior balls. With this, it becomes easy to train as well as play without balls getting damaged. Additionally, you can buy training or tournament quality balls, depending on your level of experience. With many makers of these balls, one need to ensure you choose the best lacrosse balls to enjoy seamless training.

List of Best Lacrosse Balls

5. Vive Double Lacrosse Ball

Vive Double Lacrosse Ball

Having the best lacrosse balls help provide relief from stiff and painful muscles. These balls are constructed with durable silicone rubber and have just the right size to provide effective concentrated massage. The Vive double lacrosse ball packs some of the best features we have seen so far. It is perfect for deep tissue massage, corrective therapy and trigger point therapy.


We love this lacrosse ball massage shoulder because of its multiple uses. We, however, wish they were a bit larger but this does not compromise on the performance of the balls in any way. Overall, it is the best lacrosse ball to consider and it sells at a surprisingly lower price.

  • It is very sturdy and does not crack
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Nylon bag for easy portability
  • A bit small

4. CranckShooter Lacrosse Ball

CranckShooter Lacrosse Ball

When it comes to performance, this is the brand to consider. There are 12 balls in the package selling at a pretty lower price. You’ll be amazed at how much these balls deliver when it comes to performance. To be honest, we were a bit worried about the quality of the balls because of this price but after testing them, we are convinced that they do not compromise on quality.


These balls do not compromise on quality. They are the best value for your money. If you are looking for the best quality lacrosse balls, this is the brand to consider.

  • Quite sturdy
  • Available in different colors
  • Super affordable
  • The balls have a perfect grip
  • They are not super soft and bouncy you will hurt if you get hit

3. LAX Stars Lacrosse Balls

LAX Stars Lacrosse Balls

LAX Stars Lacrosse Balls pack features that deliver some of the best benefits to help improve your health. The quality of these balls also makes them stand out from the competition. LAX Stars are undoubtedly your go-to brand if you are shopping for a lacrosse ball. The balls are firm but not hard. Buyers love them because they give them the best value for their money. Besides they help reduce pain relief and are perfect for working out.


Overall though, this lacrosse ball helps meet all your needs if you want to relieve pain in your body. Both the orange and blue lacrosse balls will undoubtedly serve you for a very long time. We highly recommend them for your next workout session.

  • Solid and well made
  • Available in a pack of 2
  • Comes in different color varieties
  • The ball is a bit sticky and picks up crumbs

2. AllPlay Double Lacrosse Ball

AllPlay Double Lacrosse Ball

If you are looking doe the best lacrosse balls for self-massage, then you need to check out AllPlay’s model. These are undoubtedly the best choice for deep tissue relaxation. After comparing these balls with other women’s lacrosse balls, we found out that this ball delivers the best when it comes to performance. The set has two levels of hardness to meet different user needs.


In conclusion, if you want something within this price range, then these are the best lacrosse balls to consider. They are undoubtedly worth every dollar spent. And even though a few people feel that they are a bit small, we found out they are just the right size and that they deliver the best results.

  • They are lightweight
  • Durable and do not crush easily
  • They are easy to carry around
  • They are odorless
  • Soft rubbery texture
  • Perfect size
  • The size and material feels uncomfortable to some people

1. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls

Champion Sports ranks as our best lacrosse balls available on the market this year. The balls come in different colors. This is a pack of two and each ball is the official size and weight meeting the NOCSAE standards. They can be used by men, women, girls, and boys. Even children will enjoy using these lacrosse balls. Their versatile nature equally makes them the best product to buy this year.


The balls work well thanks to their durable and firm nature. They, however, have a strong smell, fortunately, it does not stick around for long. On the positive side though, the lacrosse balls are worth every dollar spent so if you are looking for the best lacrosse balls, this is the brand to go for.

  • Can be used across many platforms
  • Variety of colors available
  • Comes in different quantities
  • Firm and durable
  • Bounces well
  • They have a strong smell