Top 10 Best Kids Bathrobes of 2024

Bathrobes are some of the vital apparel during bathing time. They are essential to keep the body after taking a shower. Like adults, kids also need to have the best bathrobes. Therefore, choosing the right type and fitting robe gives kids a fantastic experience when bathing. Since these attires are for keeping the body warm, the construction materials are vital. Some are made from wool, fur, terry cotton, and others. However, the ideal materials should offer the body a soft feeling and maximum warmth.

The choice of materials is critical since they determine the level of warmth as well as absorbency. Good fabrics always aid in drying, also hence allowing the body to get perfect rejuvenations. With different types of bathrobes, parents can order regular or hooded ones. Thus, kids will enjoy full-body coverage hence comfort and warmth. For the best kid’s robes, check our latest reviews in the 2020 list below.

List of Best Kid’s Bathrobes

10. Turkuoise Girls Ultra Soft Plush Bathrobe

Turkuoise Girls Ultra Soft Plush Bathrobe

Your girl child needs to look cute even when she is coming from the bathroom. Are you a parent looking for the best bathrobe for your daughter? The Turkuoise Girls Ultra Soft Plush Bathrobe is a terrific option. It features polyester material hence offers warmth while keeping the kids’ skin fresh. This kimono fleece robe is extremely soft and retains warmth even during the coolest season of the year.

The kimono style collar also makes your girl look fabulous. Furthermore, it is lightweight and won’t affect the kids’ comfort in any way. So, it is also a great robe that works well for the beach or pool. For a perfect fit, it features a removable belt that allows easy customization.


This bathrobe features a unique kimono style. Well, this is a great way to ensure the kid enjoys maximum warmth and makes her look cuter. The polyester material is also an added feature as to why we chose this kids bathrobe.

  • Machine washable
  • Cute design
  • Custom-fit
  • Offers perfect warmth retention
  • Some odor

9. Natemia Extra Soft Bamboo Hooded Bathrobe for Kids

Natemia Extra Soft Bamboo Hooded Bathrobe for Kids

Your kid needs to enjoy cuddling warmth while going and coming out of the bathroom. Here is the Natemia Bamboo Hooded Bathrobe. You will love how it is luxuriously soft to let your kid stay comfortable. Well, this can be attributed to the unique blend of materials entailing 70 percent premium-rayon, and 30 percent Turkish cotton.

Besides, this bathrobe is quite thick and possesses great absorbency. Now, at 500GSM, the robe is extremely soft and fluffy. It also includes an attached belt which lets you use it as a cuddly blanket. Further, this robe is durably constructed but it becomes softer with each use. The soft and fluffy properties make it great for babies and those with sensitive skin.


This kid’s bathrobe is well built. It is super soft and fluffy which makes it extremely comfortable. Thanks to the combination of premium materials which also makes it extremely durable. Another very important aspect is that this bathrobe softens and becomes of better quality with each use.

  • Super soft
  • Very cute
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Easy to wash
  • A bit short

8. Prince of Sleep Fleece Robes for Boys

Prince of Sleep Fleece Robes for Boys

Here is one of the best bathrobes for our future men. Your baby boy needs protection from the cold while going to and coming out of that bathroom. Like other top-rated bathrobes, this one features 100 percent polyester. Hence, it feels soft and causes no irritation. It is not made of the normal polyester but specifically super soft 100 percent polyester fleece fabric.

The Prince of Sleep bathrobe also never loses texture even after multiple washes. This robe also boasts stylish solid colors which will make that lad have a good taste of timeless style. It is roomy but fits well as it features a self-tie waist for a nice custom fit.


Every aspect of this bathrobe from hem lining to stitching is professionally done. So, if you’re looking for durability, no guesswork here. The mixture of navy, red, black and charcoal colors accentuated by plush fabric makes this a great bathrobe.

  • Spacious
  • Offers custom fit
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Solid colors
  • Possesses some odor

7. Glosun Baby Coral Fleece Bathrobe

Glosun Baby Coral Fleece Bathrobe

Show some love to your kid with this creatively designed bathrobe. It is uniquely constructed to add style and entice the kid to take regular baths. Unlike others, this is made using coral fleece. This surpasses other materials inters of softness and skin-friendliness. It also offers a perfect fit which allows cuddling and ensuring the kid gets enough warmth.

It is a special bathrobe for kids as it offers an advantage of being unisex. On the other hand, your kid will most likely love the animal design. With high fiber strength of the fabric used, the Glosun bathrobe is no doubt one of the most durable.


With the special material of construction, the Glosun Bathrobe offers a lot of advantages. Its soft feel and unisex design make it extremely versatile. Your kid can wear this robe when going out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festivals. It is a great robe for keeping your kid warm and stylish.

  • Snuggly warm plush
  • Unisex design
  • High fiber for durability
  • Easy wash
  • Feels too soft and fuzzy

6. Disney Frozen Elsa Toddler Girl’s Fleece Bathrobe

Disney Frozen Elsa Toddler Girl's Fleece Bathrobe

Here is another bathrobe which can make your girl happy. The Disney Frozen girls fleece bathrobe is one of the best. It is an incredibly soft fleece robe that won’t disappoint even during the chilliest months. It is lightweight and offers perfect warmth retention making it a great way to snuggle up after taking a bath and before bedtime. Due to its elegant and lightweight design, this is a classic housecoat. It is well designed is forged from 100 percent fleece polyester. This is a special material which as well boasts flame retardant properties for your kid’s safety.


Due to the reinforced stitching and the use of incredibly soft material, this is a great way for your baby girl to enjoy some hours before bedtime. It is also cute and lightweight making it quite versatile.

  • Double-stitched hems
  • Functional pockets
  • Fun graphics
  • Very soft
  • Size is not large enough

5. BC BARE COTTON Kids Microfiber Fleece Shawl Robe

BC BARE COTTON Kids Microfiber Fleece Shawl Robe

Are you among the many who value the quality of the bathrobes? The BC BARE COTTON Fleece robe is one product that guarantees superb results. It is an adorable kid’s wear that you won’t regret. It is of high quality as it features premium coral fleece. It also possesses a beautiful collar design. Due to its reinforced stitching, it offers lasting durability. It is very soft and cozy making it a perfect gift for your girl.


We recommend this product because its quality in terms of construction and comfort is not questionable. It offers a simple way for your girl to feel more stylish and enjoy cuddling comfort before bedtime. It is versatile and it can too be used during the pool or beach parties.

  • Great quality
  • Vibrant color
  • Solid stitching
  • Soft and cozy
  • Hard washing procedure

4. INTIMO Harry Potter Costume Kids Plush Robe

INTIMO Harry Potter Costume Kids Plush Robe

This is another product that boasts an improved design to allow the kid to lounge in comfort. It is made of premium polyester that lets you enjoy the super-soft feel. It is professionally designed and can fit anyone well whether a boy or a girl. Equipped with a waist strap, the kid will enjoy a custom fit.


The velvety feel is what makes this bathrobe special. Kids will enjoy great comfort and regain their moods after taking a shower. The unique polyester material possesses great warmth retention.

  • Easy to wear
  • Extra softness
  • Hooded for added comfort
  • Unisex fit
  • Becomes a bit fuzzy after washing

3. Bebe Girls Ultra Soft Plush Robe with Pockets

Bebe Girls Ultra Soft Plush Robe with Pockets

Are you looking for a girl’s bathrobe which offers a natural soothing feel? You won’t be any wrong to choose Bebe Ultra-soft plush robe. Boasting 100 percent polyester material, it retains warmth well and is easy to care. It is versatile as you can use it for lounging around the house or when preparing the breakfast.


When you want your body to feel fresh and at the same time get enough warmth, this is the product to consider. We recommend it because it is thick, soft and feels lightweight. You can wear them when doing different activities.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable material
  • Size inconsistence

2. Only Boys Plush Solid Fleece Robe

Only Boys Plush Solid Fleece Robe

The product title says it all. This is little boys stuff. Well, this robe is 100 percent polyester with a funny animal character. Anyone who loves the monster narratives will adore this product. It also looks stylish featuring adjustable and contrasting waist belts. These make perfect costumes, especially for the monster party. Moreover, it is easy to take it on and off as well as machine wash.


For the tough boys, this is their thing. It showcases monster graphic which makes it a great costume for parties. It is also great in providing cuddling comfort.

  • Premium quality
  • Masculine look
  • Durable stitching
  • A bit bulky

1. Bagno Milano Kid organic bathrobe

Bagno Milano Kid organic bathrobe

Do you want your kid to relax in luxurious comfort during storytime or when watching favorite movies? Here is Bagno Milano kid’s bathrobe. It is hooded and is forged from organic Turkish cotton. Hence, it offers amazing breathability, comfort and warmth retention. It is eco-friendly as there are no harmful chemicals involved in its manufacturing.


We recommend this product to anyone who wants the kids to remain safe and comfortable. It has two functional pockets that allow you to keep the hands warm. The waist straps are made of the same high-quality material and allow a custom fit.

  • Easy care
  • Natural soft feel
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Allows custom fit
  • Small size