Top 5 Best Freestanding Bathtubs of 2024

Making your bathroom look and function excellently requires you to invest in ideal accessories. Unlike traditional fitted bathtubs, these days, we have freestanding ones. They are good, mainly when you have limited space to install the permanent ones. Available in different styles and materials, they give everyone the ability to enjoy perfect relaxation. The good thing with these freestanding bathtub is they can be moved from one place to another around the bathroom. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a great bathroom without struggles.

There are numerous styles of bathtubs that are available. Unlike the regular ones, some are foldable and inflatable, which allows the user to enjoy great convenience. Besides adding convenience to your home, some of the tubs are portable, which is excellent when traveling. Despite the style or material, the choice of the freestanding bathtub should ensure quality and style.

List of Best Freestanding Bathtubs

5. Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Vanity Art 71 inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

As appealing and stylish as this freestanding bathtub appears, it’s no different when you soak into it. The drain hose is flexible and adjustable, making it easy to move it with ease. Additionally, it features a modern curved design that not only makes it stylish but also offers a comfortable and leisurely soaking experience. To boot, it has a simple installation mechanism that will articulate with any bathing tub with no need for remodeling. Lastly, it is made of high-quality material that enhances long term services.


As much as you admire taking showers in a comfortable and leisurely session, it’s recommendable you get the best freestanding bathtub. This, therefore, comes as the best to consider for purchase.

  • Modern curvature
  • Simple installation
  • High-quality material
  • Flexible and adjustable hose
  • Pricy

4. Vanity Art 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Vanity Art 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Taking showers will not be as leisurely as they are with this freestanding bathtub. It has a flexible hose with an overflowing tub. It is thus easily adjustable. It also offers swift maintenance in cleaning with a scratch-resistant surface, which eases cleaning, thus maintaining a gloss surface. Finally, it is easily modifiable with a tub filler of your choice based on the desired bath type.


This bathtub provides the most pleasurable experiences with much comfort due to its provided modification following one’s preferred design. It is thus a recommended tub for purchase.

  • Flexible slotted drain horse
  • Easy to clean and gloss surface
  • Comfort in the bathtub
  • Modifiable to a preferable tub design
  • Pricy

3. Vanity Art 67-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Vanity Art 67-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Showering is a fancy experience with a fantastic bathtub fitted with an overflow, flexible hose. This comes as the right option. It is fitted with a durable material that keeps the water ever warm, thus providing an adorable showering experience. It is pleasing to the eye as it can be fitted with the latest modern design. Besides, you can soak in warmth and style, thus can be fitted easily to any home. In conclusion, it has a freestanding structure that eases its assembly.


The bathtub provides an ultimate good experience and should thus consider it for purchase. It is not only limited to comfort and leisure but also features a stylish design.

  • Fitted with a drain hose for an overflow
  • Fitted with a durable material which keeps the water hot
  • Can be fitted with the latest modern designs
  • Design suitable to be installed in any home
  • Freestanding structure it easy to assemble
  • Prone to damage if mishandled

2. Vanity Art 59- Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Vanity Art 59- Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

This is another bathtub that is worth including in our selection. The premium construction included is meant to keep it in tack for the longest time possible. Besides, it is durable and high duty hence making it the right bathtub for a luxurious soaking. To boot, it has an adjustable hose that makes it easy to turn, shorten, and, therefore, flexible. Design inspiration included makes this bathtub stylish and appealing to the eye.


It does not feel better if you soak and take a shower without employing the right bathtub. However, this is such a trusted bathtub to use to get promising services. It will leave you addicted to its stylish and eye-appealing design.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable and flexible
  • Adjustable hose included
  • Coated with a water draining material
  • Large and hence recommended for adults only

1. WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking Tub

WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking Tub

Many people consider soaking and taking baths with the best freestanding bathtub. This has exceptional modifications that make it top its competing brands. The effective tub capacity is meant to leave your body fully relieved and contented. It also features quality construction that enables it to drain water easily hence not prone to rusting and peeling. Additionally, it has a high-quality drain hose and pipe, which is easily adjusted to the desired height. Lastly, it is not only limited to style but also durability, thus offering you long time reliable services.


For you to enjoy a perfect body relieving after a tiresome day, this top-rated bathtub comes as the right option for purchase. With all the advantages of making it the top of the selection, you will surely enjoy leisure and comfort.

  • Adjustable hose and pipe
  • Big tub capacity
  • Quality construction
  • Durable
  • Prone to leakages

Freestanding Bathtub Buying Guide

Size of a bathtub

The size of a bathtub is one of the vital features when selecting. Depending on the user’s liking, there are different sizes available on the market. This ensures you can fit the ideal one to give your bathroom a perfect tub.

Apart from personal height, there is an aspect of the available size. Mostly, people opt for freestyle bathtubs due to space challenges. Therefore, it is vital to measure your space to ensure your tub fits precisely. The good thing with freestanding tubs is they are versatile and can be used in different places besides bathrooms. The size and where to place your tub will depend on personal preference.

Materials of construction

The construction of bathtubs features different materials. Therefore, it’s essential for the user to ensure to get the right materials. Since these are permanently fitted, they are available on lightweight materials.

There are many materials like resin, copper, stainless steel, stone, and cast iron, and others. Each material offers varying qualities and performance. Some of the materials like copper are great since its simple to heat your tub just like cast iron. Additionally, some materials are great for maintaining hygiene and sterile conditions free from bacteria and fungi.

Besides performance, the materials affect the overall weight and ability to move your tub. Some are light, which ensures people can use them in the preferred area when need.

Ease of customization

The fun in any bathtub is the ability to enjoy to the maximum. Therefore, the ability to customize your unit is vital for fulfilled relaxation. The ability to add personalized items is great for ensuring there is fun. Some of the essential additions include reading racks, glass holders, and tub caddies.

Besides the racks, people can also add conversion kits. These include drilling faucets that ensure you can fit an overhead shower. The air massage system is also great to add and vital for your freestanding bathtub. Especially for acrylic tubs, they are great for this add-on. With the ability to paint your bathtub ideal, and custom pain is also a good option. This lets people match their bathtubs to their décor.

Bathtub faucets

The tub fillers are available in different styles. They are designed with freestanding, deck mount, and other styles. The installation of these filers depends on the tub design. There are bathtubs with rolled rims, inner tub drilling, Deck with holes, and tap deck without grilling.

The type of bathtub and ideal faucet mounting is essential for easy filling and convenience. Therefore it is vital to ensure there correct choice of the filler. Some of the tubs are universal and can be used with different faucets.