Top 5 Best Eyelash Glues of 2024

Are you struggling to get a fantastic look? Having great eyelashes is one of the ways to counter the situations. However, wearing these false eyelashes requires proper fitting. This requires one to have ideal eyelash glue to enjoy seamless attachment. The glue should allow for perfect fitting without lashes coming out quickly. Therefore, you can enjoy regular face make up without damaging the lashes’ attachment.

Apart from offering ideal attachment, the glue should be safe to skin. Due to this, its crucial to ensure the choice of your glue should take into consideration the ingredients. Since the eye region is sensitive, safe, and certified, ingredients should always be a priority. Some of the glues are formulated to allow the natural lashes to grow. The ability to dry quickly and offer perfect looking lashes ensures there is an ideal application. To give your face boost, you need to have these eyelash glues reviewed below.

List of Best Eyelash Glues

5. Sassi Eyelash Glue (DARK) 2 OZ

Sassi Eyelash Glue (DARK) 2 OZ

Make sure that you keep your eyelashes moist and curly by using the best lash glue. Sassi Eyelash Glue comes as the right option. It features an anti-fungus additional design that will protect the eyelashes from sprouting. To add to that, it is made of natural extracts that will prevent your skin from rashes and pimples. It is also an added advantage to enhance quick and timely drying. It is also waterproof and does not drain off hence strong holding power. Lastly, it is durable and easier to store.

  • Anti-fungus
  • Prevention against rashes
  • Durable on the skin
  • Quick and timely drying
  • Less shelf life

4. EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue – Stacy Lash

EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue - Stacy Lash

The eyelash glue with an incredible retention power is always the best to consider. Stacy Lash glue is highly recommended, with a high retention power of 7 weeks. Taking barely a second to dry, this best eyelash extension glue remains a perfect choice for commercial purposes. Additionally, it is contained in a special sealed package with a silica gel and an additional red glue needle. Significantly, the life of this glue is extended even after opening, approximately two months. To wide up with, it has a quality guarantee with a latex-free design and hence certified for use.

  • Silica gel sealing
  • Red glue needle included
  • Long-life extension
  • Incredible retention power
  • Dries within a second
  • Watery

3. BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue

BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue

Feel the vibe of BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue with its exceptional qualities. It features a gentle formula and high compatibility that makes it safe with sensitive eyes. We also credit the brushes, and false eyelash application needle included making it different from other brands. It, therefore, enhances beautiful double eyed and ease of applying false eyelashes. Besides, it has a fulltime money guarantee that will prove not only the high quality of the glue but also the durability after opening.

  • Professional and stylish
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Gentle formula
  • Long time shelf life
  • Full-time money guarantee
  • Peels off if subjected to water

2. NOON’S UP Eyelash Glue Black eyelash glue

NOON’S UP Eyelash Glue Black eyelash glue

Maintain the beauty of your eyelashes by applying the best eye glue that has a long-lasting period. NOON’S UP Eyelash Glue should be the best for purchase. It features PE cosmetic cube with brushes included and, therefore, safe for use. Besides, it has a long-lasting holding power that guarantees you of a whole day formulation. Besides, it features a water-resistant design with a thick fluid that makes it correct for use with sensitive eyes. In conclusion, it is super easy to use and gives a stylish curl for your eye festive!

  • Waterproof
  • Brushes included
  • PE cosmetic cube included
  • Whole day lasting period
  • Compatible with sensitive eyes
  • Pricy

1. Eyelash Glue for Professional Lash Extensions – EXTRA STRONG

Eyelash Glue for Professional Lash Extensions - EXTRA STRONG

If you need to buy an eyelash glue for commercial use, this Venus Visage Eyelash Glue should be the best option. Despite being limited to professionalism, it’s unique and dries up easily and quickly. It thus saves you time, especially when applying it to traveling clients. Besides, it provides a strong bonding strength, which lasts from 6 to 7 weeks, making it pocket friendly and money conscious. To boot, it features a perfect sealing design with a professional locking mechanism that prevents the spilling of the glue. Finally, it is free from dehydration, and latex-free technology makes it quality assured.

  • Strong bonding strength
  • Dries up quickly
  • Money and time conscious
  • Professional locking design
  • Latex-free
  • Limited to professionalism