Top 10 Best Bolt Cutters of 2024

Sometimes during emergencies, some tools are exceptional and should never miss. Bolt cutters are some of the equipment that everybody should have in their garage or vehicles. They are lifesaving since they are used in different operations. Whether it’s cutting chains, padlocks, and other metallic materials, they are quicker than other methods. Usually, these cutters are versatile and can be applied in many activities apart from emergencies and rescue. Whether its lost keys for your lock or cutting string fence wires, these tools are efficient that using hack saws.

Depending on the need, there are different sized cutters. Therefore, the complexity of work you can get the right-sized tool. Some are designed for use to cut regular items that people encounter every day. However, others are large, which makes them superb for rescue operations. Apart from the metallic handles, some have glass fiber, which makes them useful for use in electrical rescue operations. To help you get the best bolt cutter, below is our latest collection.

List of Best Bolt Cutters

Bolt Cutters Buying Guides

With a good bolt cutter, it brings high convenience in rescue and other emergencies. This guide directs you on the things to check when shopping.

Type of cutter

There are different types of bolt cutters available on the market. Although they all come with the sole purpose of cutting hard components, they differ sometimes. Mostly the kind of a cutter is determined by design. Usually, we have cutters that offer angle cuts.

There is a type of tool with angled blades. These tools are designed to ensure ease of use in compact places. Amazingly, these types are suitable for use in situations where high precision is paramount. The other design is the shear cuts. These bolt cutters are created with an inverted design like scissors. These are good for thin and easy to cut materials.

The center cutters are another type that provides clean cut to different kinds of materials. For flat surfaces materials, clipper cuts are great since they are well adapted to the task.

The cutting ability

Cutting ability is essential for any bolt cutter. It determines the highest level of hardiness a tool can cut. Depending on the application, these tools come with different ratings. Some are designed for an enormous task like cutting big chains while others and for small jobs. Regardless of the task, you need to check well on the manufacturers’ recommended usage.

The most important thing to check is the Brinell and Rockwell scales. It indicates the hardest material a cutter can cut. The level of application of most tools depends on the size of a tool and materials used in construction.

Construction materials

It is no secret that the cutting blades are made from some of the toughest metals. However, the quality of such materials differs from one brand to another. Generally, blades are involved in cutting and should have enough strength.

Some are made from carbon steel as well as tool steel. These type of steel are reliable and offers exceptional strength and reliability. Therefore even when placed under intense stress, they can accomplish tasks efficiently.

Apart from the cutting edges, handles need to be strong to offer maximum performance. Most are made from metal and insulted for increased comfort. However, some of the cutters used for electrical purposes; they come with glass fiber handles.

Cutter size

The size of a bolt cutter is vital to the task being subjected. Regardless of how hard the materials are, it might not work as expected if you choose the wrong size. Mostly, the cutters are classified as small, medium, and large.

The ability of a cutter to cut depends on the overall size. This is because large cutters can convert little force into high cutting ability. Therefore the longer the handle, the more force it will deliver.

In most cases, people will have compact sized cutters for basic tasks. But, when you need more power, large ones are usually preferable. Amazingly, one can choose from a cutter from 12 inches up to 60 inches.