Top 10 Best Basal Thermometers of 2024

For women who are trying to get pregnant, there are many aspects they need to take into consideration. Basal body thermometers are among the essentials that women should have to track their body changes. This enables the monitoring of ovulation and the highest fertility days. As a result, it is easy to achieve pregnancy without trial and error. Having a BBT is easy to ensure there are no costly methods of tracking the ovulation time.

The fancy thing about these thermometers is they have added features. They have added memory feature, which enables keeping all your measurements. This ensures you don’t have to record each reading as you can silly retrieve saves results at once. Due to the accuracy improvement, these thermometers are reliable and helps women to track their body temperature. Digital BBTs are common these days, although glass ones also exist. However, digital ones have more features and are easy to use. To track body temperatures efficiently, these are the best basal thermometers to have.

List of Best Basal Thermometers

10. Enji Prime Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

Enji Prime Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

You don’t have to guess your child’s body temperature anymore. It’s time to buy a basal body thermometer and Enji Prime’s model gives you what you need. It gives the most precise temperature readings in just 10 seconds. Mercury thermometers are no longer consider safe. Your best bet to getting reliable readings is buying the best basal body temperature thermometer. These digital models are safe and quite accurate. Some of the best features of this basal thermometer include a flexible tip that provides maximum comfort for children, the ability to read both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit at just a push of the button and a waterproof design. This basal thermometer allows fast and easy readings in just 10 seconds. It is the best basal thermometer 2020 to buy for your little ones. You can use this for oral, armpit and rectal temperature taking.

9. Femometer Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

Femometer Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

Are you shopping for the best basal thermometer for ovulation? Let us introduce you to one of the best models available on the market this year. The Femometer model is a smart basal thermometer that syncs to an intelligent Femometer app on your device to record and track your basal body temperature. This model analyzes the temperature and helps calculate the pregnancy rate. You will undoubtedly love it because it helps with monitoring and managing your menstrual cycle as well as pregnancy. The model is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. This user-friendly model delivers accurate results as soon as you pull the lid out. There is no need to press a button or switch. You’ll equally love the stylish lipstick-like design. The model is tailored for women so if you are looking for a basal thermometer then this is the best model to buy.

8. ONETWOTHREE Digital Basal Thermometer

ONETWOTHREE Digital Basal Thermometer

This is also another model that ranks as the best basal thermometer for ovulation. It helps monitor your ovulation cycle. The model’s simple design has won the heart of many women. Some of the product’s best features include a large LCD monitor, blue backlight and buzzer alarm. The basal thermometer switches off automatically. It helps record 60 days of data with time and date to help track your ovulation day easily. You can also switch from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit easily. The large backlit monitor makes it easy to read the results even in the dark.

7. Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer

Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer

Another basal body thermometer that you can buy is this model by Easy@Home. The EBT-100 model lets you test your basal body temperature early in the morning. It helps predict your fertility window and expected period. The basal thermometer has a waterproof tip so you can clean it. It also comes with a backlit LCD screen and a flexible tip for easy use. It records the last 30 temperature readings. This basal body thermometer produces a soft beep which is also another reason why women rank it as the best basal thermometer for ovulation.

6. iProven Fertility Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

iProven Fertility Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

iProven is an easy and useful way to help you monitor your waking temperature. It comes with an easy instruction manual to give you all the information you need to understand how to track your temperature. The basal body thermometer helps you detect your ovulation pattern. You can measure your temperature every morning, see the changes to identify your most fertile days easily. It takes close to a minute to measure your temperature with the iProven basal thermometer. You can be sure of the most accurate temperature readings when you use this model. It has a soft beep that no one but you can hear. This model also records your last temperature readings. You can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius with this basal body temperature thermometer.

5. Premier Value Digital Basal Thermometer

Premier Value Digital Basal Thermometer

Premier Value’s model is a model designed for natural family planning. It is a basal body thermometer that lets you track ovulation easily. The thermometer looks quite simple and stylish you’ll love its design. It gives accurate readings in 60 seconds. The thermometer lets you switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The package also includes 6-month ovulation charts, a storage case, and 5 probe coves. We also consider it the best basal thermometer to buy because of its affordable price.

4. KeenHealth Digital Basal Thermometer

KeenHealth Digital Basal Thermometer

This is also another model to consider when looking for the best basal thermometer 2020. The KeenHealth model comes in 2 different colors so if you don’t prefer the blue one, you can settle with the green basal thermometer. The overall design of this thermometer is great. It truly looks stylish. Aside from this, the thermometer also packs some of the best features. It gives fast accurate readings in just 20 seconds. Families prefer this model because it can be used both by kids and adults. The model memorizes the last readings taking. It shows your results with two decimals so you can be sure of it. It also comes with a flexible tip.

3. KeenHealth Baby Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

KeenHealth Baby Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

This is a digital rectal thermometer designed for babies. It is available in two different shades, green and pink. The KeenHealth basal thermometer gives you the most accurate temperature reading in just 10 seconds. It is not only quick but it is also easy to use. When it comes to cleaning, you can do this easily thanks to the waterproof tip. The basal body thermometer also comes with a hard case where you store the digital thermometer when it is not in use. This rectal thermometer is the best and most recommended way of taking your little one’s temperature without any hassle. Many people love it because it is quick, comfortable to use and quite easy to clean.

2. H HIGHMEX Digital Medical Basal Body Thermometer

H HIGHMEX Digital Medical Basal Body Thermometer

Ranking as the best basal body temperature thermometer within this price range is the H HIGHMEX medical thermometer. The basal thermometer is perfect for use by everyone in your household including kids and pets. It lets you get accurate readings in as fast as 10 seconds. Many people praise it for being fast and accurate. It can also be administered in different ways including oral, rectal and under the arm. The soft flexible tip makes it quite kid-friendly. You can easily see and read your temperature thanks to the high definition LCD. The model is also waterproof making it easy to clean. There is a sturdy protective case that makes this model portable. If you are shopping for the best basal body thermometer for your family, then this is the product to buy.

1. Easy@Home Basal Thermometer

Easy@Home Basal Thermometer

We wrap up our list by reviewing this smart basal thermometer by Easy@Home. The model has some of the best features that make it rank as the best basal thermometer for ovulation this year. Whether you are trying to conceive or you just want to know your body better, this is the model to settle with. It is clinically accurate and takes less than 2 minutes to read your results. You can store unlimited records on the cloud with your account and the device can also store up to 30 records. Features like the large LCD backlit screen and soft beep make it rank among the best models this year. The Premom App predicts your fertility window accurately.