Top 10 Best Affordable Speedlights for Canon of 2024

The quality of images depends on the lighting. Although natural light is preferred, sometimes, there is a need to provide artificial lighting. The speedlights, also known as flash, are superb when you need to record in dark conditions. They are designed to ensure the photographer enjoys great captions without insufficient light. There are many flashes available for different cameras. But, affordable speedlights for canons are great for everyone looking to better their photography skills.

With an on-camera flash, the conditions can’t limit your when to take photographs. There are different qualities of speedlights that every photographer can choose. But, adding a powerful one in your gear is always recommendable. Unlike the built-in camera flash, these are versatile since they can be removed when to in need. Also, they are designed with differing performance. It is possible to get an affordable flash with high performance at a low price. Depending on your camera, the choice of a flash will differ. But some are versatile and can fit on different cameras.

List of Best Affordable Speedlights for Canon

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 NEEWER Upgraded NW645II-C TTL... NEEWER Upgraded NW645II-C TTL... No ratings yet $69.49Amazon Prime
2 NEEWER Z760-C TTL Flash... NEEWER Z760-C TTL Flash... 16 Reviews $169.99Amazon Prime
3 NEEWER NW655-C TTL Flash... NEEWER NW655-C TTL Flash... No ratings yet $59.99Amazon Prime
4 Canon Speedlite EL-10 Flash Canon Speedlite EL-10 Flash No ratings yet $249.00Amazon Prime
5 GODOX TT685II-C Flash for... GODOX TT685II-C Flash for... No ratings yet $129.00 $119.00Amazon Prime
6 Commander Optics E-TTL Flash... Commander Optics E-TTL Flash... No ratings yet $88.00 $69.00Amazon Prime
7 Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite... Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite... 12,194 Reviews $69.00Amazon Prime
8 NEEWER NW700-C TTL Flash... NEEWER NW700-C TTL Flash... No ratings yet $99.99Amazon Prime
9 NEEWER Z2-C 2.4G TTL Round... NEEWER Z2-C 2.4G TTL Round... No ratings yet $229.99Amazon Prime
10 NEEWER NW620 Speedlite Flash... NEEWER NW620 Speedlite Flash... No ratings yet $59.49 $29.74Amazon Prime