Top 10 Best 4 Way Lug Wrenches of 2024

Universal wrenches are useful tools to have in your car or garage. They are designed to eliminate the need to have each tool on their own. In most cases, they are ideal for changing car tires and other repair works in automotive. There are many styles and sizes of these wrenches available, depending on the user’s needs. In fact, they offer the ability to work on different nuts and bolts.

The fantastic thing is that these tools are available in different styles and capabilities. Some have a rigid design, which requires more space. However, there are others with a foldable design that allows for easy storage, even in small places. Apart from the size, the construction materials need to be sturdy enough to withstand excessive stress. This prevents the wrenches from breaking or getting damaged by nuts. Some of the wrenches come with insulated surfaces that increases the grip and performance. This list offers the best 4-way lug wrenches for daily uses.

List of Best 4 Way Lug Wrenches

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 CARTMAN 14 Inch Universal... CARTMAN 14 Inch Universal... No ratings yet $18.99 $15.99Amazon Prime
2 Performance Tool W1 Silver... Performance Tool W1 Silver... No ratings yet $25.55 $23.48Amazon Prime
3 EPAuto 14' Heavy Duty... EPAuto 14" Heavy Duty... No ratings yet $15.87Amazon Prime
4 WORKPRO 14-Inch Universal... WORKPRO 14-Inch Universal... No ratings yet $17.99 $16.99Amazon Prime
5 Torin TRX31101-14F... Torin TRX31101-14F... No ratings yet $21.99Amazon Prime
6 KickFun 25'' Extended Lug... KickFun 25'' Extended Lug... No ratings yet $27.59Amazon Prime
7 Jack Boss Folding Lug Wrench 4... Jack Boss Folding Lug Wrench 4... No ratings yet $14.99Amazon Prime
8 TONDA 4 Way Lug Wrench, Cross... TONDA 4 Way Lug Wrench, Cross... No ratings yet $15.99 $14.95Amazon Prime
9 Spurtar Extended Lug Wrench... Spurtar Extended Lug Wrench... No ratings yet $24.99Amazon Prime
10 ETERNA Professional 16' Four... ETERNA Professional 16" Four... No ratings yet $19.99Amazon Prime