Top 10 Best Roof Ladder Hooks in 2021

Stability when using a ladder is vital for your safety. In most cases, people use ladders daily for different functions. Working in a roof is one of the challenging tasks. Whether it’s repairing a leaky roof or gutters, a ladder is handy. To allow safety, ladder hooks are the accessories to ensure you have. In fact, they are great in allowing the ladder to be fixed temporarily. Especially for high pitched roof, it calls for solid hooks.

Adding a hook to your ladder is vital to ensure there is excellent compatibility. Since there are different ladders, one needs to ensure the selected hook can fit easily. The ability to hold your ladder well is great feature since users can work without wobbling or risk of accidental ladder slips. Adding a simple to use hook allows for people to enjoy uncomplicated fitting to ladders. For comfortable and secure working, reliable roof ladder hooks reviewed below are ultimate.

List of Best Roof Ladder Hooks

Roof Ladder Hook Buying Guide


Just like ladders, hooks come in different materials. This gives a difference in strength and support capability. Steel hooks are typical and ideal for most jobs. They are designed to offer high strength while ensuring proper support. However, there are other materials available that give people different choices.

Aluminum is another material that ensures people can fit in their ladders. The fantastic thing is that the metal is rust-resistant even when used in wet or conditions. However, aluminum is less reliable than steel. This prohibits usage when heavy-duty applications are involved.

Hook type

There are different hook types available. This ensures that people can choose the right option for their purpose. One of the models is a flat steel hook. These accessories are 6-8 inches long. Made from steel, these hooks are designed to lie plushy on the roof without damaging shingles.

The other type is captain hook. They have rounded hooks that resemble fishing gaff. The design of this hook ensures easy pushing aside when not in use. Since they don’t have wheels, it can be a hassle to push the ladder. Also, the lack of protective rubber, the hook can damage roof shingles.

Rubber grips

Working on the roof isn’t a simple task. It is also risky since there are chances of slipping. However, to maximize the safety, your hooks should offer superb grip. The rubber grips are fantastic since not only they offer grip, but they are great for the protection of the roof. For hooks without rubber enhancement, there is a possibility of causing scratches. The rubberized edges are also great for absorbing pressure exerted weight, which keeps hook and roof safe.


When pushing landers up in the roof, it can be strenuous, especially when alone. It is, therefore, essential to choose your hooks wisely. Some come with wheels, which are great for making your ladder mounting simple. Apart from assisting in putting up our ladder. Even when erecting a heavy ladder, wheels will enable effortless ladder installation.